First of all, we would like to mention that we appreciate very much that you have contacted us. We hope to meet your expectations. We value your effort and would like to add to your information about us with facts about how and why we gather and process your personal data.

When in contact with us, personal data may be handed over.

Klippkungen is the controller of personal data gathered by and processed at Klippkungen. Here is a description according to the guidelines we apply concerning personal data. All processing is done according to General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR, and other Swedish data protection legislation. Personal data is defined as all information which, direct or indirect, can be connected with a certain individual. This could regard personal identity number, name, photo, localisation, IP address and so on. 

The purpose of this policy is to inform about and protect the personal data which is gathered. The basis is that we always process personal information with personal integrity in mind.


All processing of personal data is based on legal reasons. We only gather personal data relevant to the purpose, to be able to deliver products and services, and to be able to fulfill our commitments.


Contact information, personal data controller.

Personal data controller:                            Klippkungen Växjö AB (556967–1893)

Address:                                                   Annavägen 8, 352 46 Växjö.

Phone:                                                      0470-515654



Purpose of processing

Klippkungen only gather personal data necessary, relevant and not superfluous for the purposes they are meant. Personal data is processed for some of the following reasons and are legally based. The general purpose is usually to complete a service requested by the affected person/company. Klippkungen do not process personal data for any other reason that is incompatible with the original purpose.


We need personal data to:

  • Complete and process your order.
  • Complete and process your booking.
  • To pursue our business relation.
  • Increase the usability and experience of our services.
  • Promote services and products.
  • Loyalty programs.
  • Legal reasons/any disputes.


Storage of information

Klippkungen will process personal data only as long as it takes to fulfill the purposes for which they are gathered and according to a deselection policy. After this, the information will be deleted if this is not hindered by other legislation, for example the Swedish Bookkeeping Act. We undertake not to forward any details from our database, other than to our associates within the company or to the extent of applicable law.



In connection with our registration of personal data there are rights associated with this. The rights existing, which we will strive to maintain, are:

Knowledge of which personal data is processed, which categories of personal data is concerned and for which purpose they are processed and if they have been released to other party.

How long the information will be stored.

The right to get inadequate information completed or corrected.

Access to a copy of the personal data being processed.

Klippkungen will take appropriate steps to see to that the registered party will get the requested information within 30 days.

You have the right to request that direct marketing will cease.

If there is consent, this can be revoked at all times.

The registered party has the right to object against processing based on balancing of interests. Processing will then be terminated, and renewed consideration is conducted.

The registered party can ask to have personal data erased, ”the right to be forgotten”, if they only have been used with consent as legal foundation. This also applies if you have objected against processing based on balancing of interests and a new assessment shows that there are no reasons for continued processing.



Personal data can be transferred to another company or collaboration partner, for example in order to make the controls which are in accordance with the purpose.


Visiting our website 

When you visit our website, you will be introduced to a so called cookie. A cookie is a small text file which is recorded by your browser and saved on your computer. This cookie contains information about your visit and is used for technical reasons to improve the webite for you as a visitor. The cookie is placed on your computer or smartphone, something that is done at almost every visit at a website. We use cookies to give visitors access to different functions on the website.  

When handing over your personal data to us, you approve that we process your personal data. If the law demands a more specific consent, we will of course ask for this.



In order to be able to offer you Klarna’s payment options, we will pass to Klarna certain aspects of your personal information, such as contact and order details, in order for Klarna to assess whether you qualify for their payment options and to tailor the payment options for you. General information on Klarna you can find here. Your personal data is handled in accordance with applicable data protection law and in accordance with the information in Klarnas privacy statement.


Supervision and compliance

Klippkungen anually assess the effects of the Data Protection Policy and the observance thereof.


Personal data incident

Klippkungen will document all personal data incidents and, unless it is not improbable that it is a risk for the registered party's rights, will also report the incidents to The Swedish Data Protection Authority within 72 hours from the discovery of the infringement.



If you have complaints about the processing of personal data, you should contact the The Swedish Data Protection Authority and make a notification.

You can get in touch with The Swedish Data Protection Authority in the following ways:


Contact information

Phone: 08-657 61 00, Mon-Fri, kl. 09.00–11.30 and 12.30–15.0


Fax: 08-652 86 52


Klippkungen reserves the right to whenever or for any reason add to and change this security policy.